Following is the sad announcement of delayed PC version till March 24, Rockstar compensated angry gamers publishing the minimum and recommended requirements and some screenshots at 4K resolution.

Prior to the start of the next-Gen version of GTA V, previously we have covered PS4 VS PS3 Graphic comparison (the Xbox One runs in 900p), but now it’s time to compare the glorious version of the PC (based on the screenshots published by Rockstar @4K) versus the Playstation 4. While the comparison is unfair because the Playstation 4 runs in 1080 (and 30fps), not our fault if the PC gives us these possibilities :P.

This PC version of GTA 5 will bring all the profits of the latest Ps4 and Xbox One adaptations. That incorporates the first-individual mode and an extended soundtrack, and, only for the PC adaptation, local 4k backing. Simply a disgrace that we’ve now two more months to hold up.

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Grand Theft Auto V – PC VS Playstation 4 Graphics Comparison

As 3840 × 2160 resolutions four times the 1920 × 1080, the differences are more striking:






  • Najam

    Some screenshots are in different weather which makes hard to predict, but so far PC for the Win

    • Guest

      The last comparison leave no doubt tho. Ambient occlusion ftw.

    • Akira Ichikawa

      The last comparison leave no doubt tho

  • Devast8nDiscoDave

    Maybe if your screenshots weren’t so tiny and actually used the original 4k shots vs the ps4 shots we could actually see something.

  • Nathanael Freihart

    in my opinin the ps4 version looks old. like GTA IV on mid settings or as it would be developed 4 years before the pc versiion. 🙁