We had already announced that after the release of patch 1.28 by Rockstar for Grand Theft Auto V, the PC version was suffering from new performance problems, now the company has released a new patch that promises to solve performance problems in the rate of frames per second both the story mode and the GTA Online. Said patch weighs 91 MB and can create some problems with users who have installed the mod for single player mode.

Grand Theft Auto V Gets A New Patch For PC Version

New Update for Grand Theft Auto Online Coming Next Week

“Recent changes in GTA 5 PC had an unintended effect of making modifications could not reproduce single player. This was not intentional. “

“We have always appreciated the creative efforts of the PC modding community and still fondly remembers the impressive mod zombie invasion and map recreated in GTA GTA 4 PC and many other classics.”

“We have also received some reports indicating a decrease in performance when using mods after installing the 1.28 patch. As mentioned above, we are not against players using mods in story mode, or are explicitly implementing protections against them in the game. “

“Our main focus is on protecting GTA Online against any changes that could give players an unfair advantage, interrupt the game, or cause griefing (anger among the rest of plays). “