Rockstar has announced a new free update for players of Grand Theft Auto Online that, as rumored on Reddit, will be available on 14 February as Valentine’s DLC. Dropzone present the new adversarial modes and equipments, paratroopers jump from Cargobobs to reach the ground while maintaining control. In this mode, there is no place for star players, and that cooperation with your team is vital to attack and defend to succeed.

Grand Theft Auto Online – Next update will present the Dropzone mode; New cars and upgrades


In this hectic, chaotic and very susceptible to rapid reversals of fortune, four teams, and 16 players will be so focused on the target area. The first team that will reach the drop zone under two minutes will emerge victorious. There are five areas of jump, and each requires a different approach to deal with the changes in terrain and coverage. These are Pillbox Hill, the school Richman, Elysian Island, Mirror Park alley and theater Sisyphus.

Benny’s, new vehicles and improvements:

Benny’s is expanding its range with more types of improvements for new sports. Grab the Sultan Karin ($ 15,000) and the Bravado Banshee ($ 102,000) for a bargain price of entry into the updated catalog section of


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