The Rockstar Grand Theft Auto universe continues to expand its Online with a new free content update, which will come to all holders of GTA V (only next generation consoles and PC) on next October 20. This time they add a new location, the Benny’s Original Motor Works, a customization workshop where individuals can purchase low-riders.

Grand Theft Auto Online: Lowriders Screenshots and Trailer


Players can also acquire the modified vehicles through the website of the smartphone game, then visit the shop to unlock new upgrades, including accessories can choose the engine, interior paint, hydraulic suspension systems and stereo enhancement with larger speakers. Using the menu interaction of characters to be near the car, we can get together with other players to show our modifications and brag, as if it were real life.

New missions Contact Lamar, who will be calling and texting to invite players to be incorporated. In Ammu-nation, we will find a new machine gun, pistol and Machete. Accompany added another mountain of new clothes and accessories.

Finally, the studio has listened to the community and complies with the addition of a fourth property to buy, expanding not only spawn points, but also the amount of slots they have available garage.






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