After years of searching the game code and every inch of the map on alien tracks in Los Santos, team members of “Team Guru” (a community of mystery hunters), found a way to activate several bits of alien code from Grand Theft Auto Online, located in files of the new update ‘Gunrunning’. This update contained files pointing to an alien spacecraft that had crashed near the Zancudo military base.

Have a look into the video below;

Through a tool created by one of the team members, they were able to change variables while they were in the game, and thus managed to activate a secret mission. Fans of the community suspected that this was associated with an alien egg, and they were right. The mission itself is somewhat disappointing, since we will only have to steal that egg and then take it to a bunker, after eliminating some aliens.

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Until GTA Online is updated again and this mission is activated properly, it is not clear if this will be the final version of the event, or if it will ever be officially part of the game. Anyway, Rockstar was certainly up to something because of the advent of extraterrestrial life in GTA Online.

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