On September 15th, Rockstar expand the boundaries of the acclaimed online mode of Grand Theft Auto V with the inclusion of FreeMode events. The main idea is to create jobs across the map so players can participate without having to go through the lobbies and loading screens.

Freemode Events in Grand Theft Auto Online

Probably due to the development of the game for last generation consoles, the current online experience is overshadowed by constant synchronization problems lobbies and extensive loading screens that stand in the spirit of open world made famous by the series, and it seems that with this new update -at least in these events-that will be solved.

Freemode Events in Grand Theft Auto Online are a new advancement in open world gameplay, giving players access to a range of seamlessly integrated games and challenges in GTA Online’s Freemode. Taking full advantage of the latest generation of consoles and PC hardware, there are no menus, lobbies, or load times – just an open Freemode session filled with Friends, Crewmates, rivals, and randoms where spontaneous and chaotic new games and challenges will appear.”

The update is free, and considering the nature of the changes present, the structure is very likely to evolve constantly keep adding more interesting ways presented in the trailer.

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