A few days ago, the foreign media published an interview with an expert of Rockstar where they commented about the requirements to run the most anticipated Grand Theft Auto 5 at 4K resolution, and now had the full interview, where we learned some new details.

Rockstar Games were fooling PC gamers since the first release of Grand Theft Auto 5 in October 2012

Attention Pirates: Grand Theft Auto V PC Version to Use the Denuvo DRM, Same Protection as FIFA 15

Rockstar has prepared a team of developers with PC game development experience to work on the final version. The team is equipped with a good sound of knowledge and previously worked on many titles like Grand Theft Auto IV, Max Payne 3 and LA Noire, it seems that we have lied all along, since the PC version plans exists almost on par with the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

“We plan to always carry GTA 5 PC. We plan from the day January 1st PC build and take technical decisions based on the fact that we were going to make a PC version of the game. As we begin with the development of PC at a very early stage, we decided to focus our attention first versions of PS3 and XB360 to squeeze as much as we could, and then turn our attention to versions of PS4 and Xbox One, finally, thanks to the shared architecture of the new consoles, raising all to the PC version and take everything as far as possible, knowing that we could make the game look and feel better than ever. “

“The early work made the task of transition to new consoles much easier, and allowed us to reach the target quickly. The artists also prepared for PC, to build all original art at resolutions ready for PC, although then had to use very small versions for PS3 and XB360. “

Despite giving an answer with a few turns, and although not clarify if the recommended requirements are for Ultra presets play in 1080p at 60fps, ensure that Grand Theft Auto 5 PC version will support higher than 60FPS.

“The target rate of frames per second for PC build is 60fps. When you start GTA 5 for the first time, the game chooses the settings to maximize the framerate and visual quality on your PC. These are only recommendations, and players can change the way you want. We can never guarantee the framerate when someone decides to force levels textures, shaders or quality of post-fx to a level that your PC can not support. That said, if your PC monitor and support it, you can play up in higher frame rates per second. “

Finally, there is one for us, the audience. Do we believe that the support 4K is an important feature in modern games? Rockstar think so, but with reservations.

“4K is revealing when you see it for the first time really makes you see the world differently, and in greater detail than you expect. That said, you could probably say the same about other high-end graphics options, and finally, be a matter of personal preference on what resolution and individual choices a player decides to stay. “

The PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5 is featuring improved graphics and unique structural features, which also have been in the version of next-generation consoles. Among other things, we shadows that are defined in the contact surfaces, different levels of antialiasing, SSAO, light volumes improved, particle systems with shadows, better reflexes, improved tessellation, greater variety of populations and higher LOD distance. It will also feature the return of the video editor and the ability to customize the radio.

Just need to wait for the release date and dazzle us with such a technical feat.

Source: PCGamers

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