Grand Theft Auto 5 from Rockstar, when this game was last released for Ps3 and Xbox360 in three days after release they swept over billion U.S dollars in revenue, now this masterpiece is going to release for Ps4, Xbox One and PC on this autumn. The expectation should be higher as Rockstart promises to deliver better Graphics and great performance.

Grand Theft Auto 5 : PS4 VS PS3 Graphic comparison, Great contrast

During this year E3 announcement the trailer we see of Grand Theft Auto 5 was running on PS4 and all most everyone noticed that Graphics are improved, and when we compared it with PS3 version there should be much difference in the end? The Digital Foundry website recently released comparison video of Grand Theft Auto 5 on Ps4 VS Ps3. The content, places in that video were almost same, but you will see that in both generation gameplay the host light, texture, particle physics is much different. So here, take a look at two versions of the specific game but differences in quality: Grand Theft Auto 5 : PS4 VS PS3   As we all know, “Water” is the enemy of game developers the question always arises that how to make the look of water more natural, for this we a need an excellent game engine support, but also need the backing of the powerful hardware. By the following pictures we can easily see, PS4 release trailer of “Grand Theft Auto 5” the sea is having more details, such as the formation of the sea waves and sea against the rocks generated mists etc., and water reflection with sun effects are more real than the PS3 version. Grand Theft Auto 5 : PS4 VS PS3 This scattering effect of the sun underwater is barely passable in Ps3 Version. But in the Ps4 version scattering effects are more than surprised, away better. 154_140627183147_9 This is a scene of rainy day, in addition to the ground rainwater effects, the metal material needs to exhibit a reflection line of the vehicle splashes. Unfortunately, these elements in the PS3 version are not perfect (Ground water effect is still very good). Atmosphere, ground water effect, reflection in PS4 version of the game the whole picture is very good, vehicles, ground and surrounding objects are details to take care of, it looks great! 154_140627183148_11   154_140627183148_14 The main focus in this couple of pictures to show the lighting effects in the game, nothing special to say, you need to pay attention mainly light intensity and ground, sky richness of the scene. 154_140627183254_3 Comparison, more abundant vegetation is in the PS4 version, the characters facial wrinkles and other details also explained very clearly. 154_140627183406_3 154_140627183407_6 The photos may be not say this, but I believe we have been stunned by the details of the difference between the two versions of the game. In PS4 dust and truck generated effects, city lights, dark dusk, red sky in those places performance quite impressive. 154_140627183621_3 154_140627183622_6 154_140627183623_12 We all know that Grand Theft Auto 5 story is set in a Los Angeles. The streets full of people and the busy highways. As a result, due to the hardware performance limitations, PS3 version of the game on the same screen greatly reduced the number of objects, so that “Los Angeles” became deserted a lot, and in PS4 version the players will see the true cosmopolitan city. PS: Again, focus on two versions of the game for the lighting and sky effects shape. What are your expectations from the new version of the Grand Theft Auto 5 ? Place your thoughts below!!

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