Modder Jamal Rashid (Razed) in collaboration with Mihail Glotov (Robin) and Hayssam Keilany (Icelglace), released a preliminary version of the updated version of NaturalVision Evolved for Grand Theft Auto 5, a total modification that aims to modify the climate and lighting system, the color of the stages and tonal mapping, in addition to improving textures, the effects of smoke and rain, additional lights, model textures and more.

But perhaps the most novel thing about this mod is that it adds global illumination of the screen space by means of ray tracing and improves the effect of reflections of the screen space, something that can be clearly seen in the above trailer.

Unfortunately, this mod is only available to members of Razed’s Patreon, and it is not known when “NaturalVision Evolved” will be released to the public, but we will inform you as soon as it happens.