A few days ago we have published the statements of ENBSeries Creator, who claimed that Grand Theft Auto 5 is impossible to change at the moment. A while later we had to update the note where it was clarified that the only problem was the ENBSeries, but Modding possible.

Grand Theft Auto 5: Hackers reveal Zombies, Horses and more, hidden in the Code


So here we are, less than a week of release, and hackers were able to hack Grand Theft Auto 5. But the interesting thing, this time, the community of Modders had access to a large number of files that could be clues for Grand Theft Auto 5 future DLCs, items, and mini-games.

We have horses

gta1 (1)

References zombies for GTA Online







Everyday tasks Sims guy? Combing, brushing teeth, washing your face and much more.



This may also have been cut from the final game and never see within the universe of GTA V, but rarely remains in the encrypted code, after so many reissues. If there is a glimmer of hope is that the Modders can extract them and make them walk straight into the game, as almost always happens.

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