Boris Vorontsov has released a new version of its acclaimed ENBSeries mod for Grand Theft Auto 5. This new version includes the ability to change parameters of the day, the color filter of the sun and moon, the intensity of the reflections and brightness, and adds options for chrome and metallic detail.

Grand Theft Auto 5 MODS – Second Beta Mod ENBSeries



Those who want to try this new ENB Series Beta 0.272 MOD version, can be downloaded from this link.

ENBSeries is an injector, and therefore allows modders to apply the output of the render modern effects like SSAO, SSIL, depth of field blur, lens effects, bloom, Real HDR tone mapping, definition, bullet, lightning solar, shadows and detailed highlights.

To enter in the integrated editor, just enough to squeeze SHIFT + Enter during the running game.

Previously Boris Vorontsov revealed that Rockstar has blocked the use of mods for Grand Theft Auto 5.

I was wrong. Rockstar did everything to prevent modding of Grand Theft Auto 5, so at this moment impossible to do anything via editing game files.

He added:

All my buddies modders share the same opinion, that GTA is short living like any other game whithout mods, so I do not care about modding it unless:
1) Modding will be possible by changes in future patches or when DRM and encryption will be hacked.
2) When the game will have a stable patch which works for every player.
3) i don’t see much potency to modify the game, just a few minor changes without “wow” effects, just make it possible to tweak everything is definitely not for first day players, so better give it some time and see, perhaps the game will be dead very soon (see p1).
4) At this moment i have so many problems, that first question is for me how not end in suicide.

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