The website PCGamer has posted images of all graphics options of Grand Theft Auto 5, detailing each of the basic and advanced visual options that you can change in the PC version in order to keep framerates smooth.

Grand Theft Auto 5 – Detailed PC graphics Options


We can also see controls options, offering the “raw input” option for the mouse.

It seems that Rockstar has really struggled in the port of PC. The game is NVIDIA Optimized.

  • Slider Video Memory: Video shows how much memory is being used
  • Ignore the option suggested limitations: the game automatically detects the settings, but still can be increased graphic options
  • Options screen type, aspect ratio and frame rate
  • DirectX Version Output monitor: 1-3
  • Anti-aliasing: Supports FXAA, MSAA and Nvidia TXAA.
  • Pause game against the loss of focus.


  • Density of population
  • Variety of inhabitants
  • Distance
  • Texture Quality: Normal to very high.
  • Quality of shaders: Normal to very high.
  • Shadow Quality: Normal to very high.
  • Quality reflexes: Normal to very high.
  • Reflections MSAA
  • Water quality : average to very high.
  • Quality of particles : average to very high.
  • Pasture quality : average to very high.
  • Options Soft shadows : softer, softest, CHS AMD, Nvidia PCSS
  • Post FX options: Up Ultra.
  • Strength motion blur
  • Depth of Field Effects
  • Anisotropic Filter: up to x16
  • Ambient occlusion options:
  • Tessellation Options

Advanced Graphics Options

  • Long shadows : on / off.
  • High resolution shadows : on / off.
  • Streaming high details aerial vehicles : on / off.
  • Extended control rod away
  • Extended control rod shadow
  • Benchmark

Options controls

Here’s a glimpse of GTA 5 PC’s control options. Mmm, raw mouse input.


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Source: pcgamer

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