TechPowerUp has released a new version of GPU-Z, through which it is possible to precisely view the specifications of graphics cards.


New in the application GPU-Z 0.8.4:

  • Added the lottery with two cards PowerColor Radeon Fury X
  • Adds full support for AMD Radeon graphics card R9 Fury X
  • Added support for AMD Radeon graphics card R7 360
  • Added support for GPU GT3e with Intel Broadwell
  • Cleared the field when reading the BIOS Intel graphics chips
  • Improved color of the UEFI ASUS ROG version
  • Corrected display of tag UEFI while it is unknown

GPU-Z is a popular application from TechPowerUp side issued through the portal, which is used to identify detailed specifications of graphics cards. It is even indispensable to publish their achievements in Overclocking design or presenting any anomalies.

Download links: 

Among the information displayed by the program you will find:

  • The exact name of your graphics card
  • Name, size and technology of GPU card
  • Version and date of the graphics card BIOS
  • rasteryzujących and the number of stream processors found in layout
  • The amount and type of video memory, in which the card is equipped with
  • Standard and changed the graphics card processor clock speed, memory and shader
  • Version currently used drivers
  • Technologies supported by graphics accelerator
  • Susceptibility to overclock the card (ASIC Quality)

In the second tab, Sensors can find information about current card clock speeds, temperatures read by the sensors and fan speed cooling the GPU. The application is also available in a version of the ASUS ROG that stands out in black and red colors.