Recent research from JPR announced Global GPU Market Share of Q4 2013, Data shows that Nvidia and AMD have a certain degree in the last quarter of growth, in the last year the AMD is up, but at the end of 2013 the Nvidia is taking the lead with 1.6%, an around 2% total success in the global market. Also overall GPU market growth, has also increased around 1.8%.

Total GPU market share of Q4 2013
Total GPU market share of Q4 2013

Additionally, according to the report that the total number of GPUs for each PC is around 1.37 (including CF, SLI).

The AMD GPU overall chain decline is 10.4%, APUs for notebook dropped by 26.7%. The Market share of AMD GPUs is 18.3%, declined is 2.4% from the previous Q4 2012 (19.7%).

Intel has also made some success in growth and overall growth increased by 5.1% (Desktop and Note Book) at the end of Q4 2013, 5.1% increment means the Overall Global Market Share is 65.1% (2.2% Increased if we compare it with a last year quarter).

If we talk about the Overall GPU Market Share AMD is taking the lead.