Back in May 2013 Google+ platform is equipped with a tool that automatically improved the quality of images provided by users. Now giant Mountain View went a step further – a similar solution is introduced for video content.

Google+ will automatically improve the quality of your videos


To find out about the operation of this tool for yourself (or rather, see it for yourself), you must play the video through Google+ website or through the Photos app on your Android device. “Auto Enhance” automatically improves the lighting, colors and image stabilization, as well as sound quality.

In addition to the manual activation tool for a particular cutscenes, this service will also be held on a regular basis to monitor our content (via Auto Backup). If you notice a video that can be improved, the user will see a message asking if he would like to see a comparison of “before-after” and possibly accept the changes.

Comparison of the sample and on the occasion of tool capabilities can be seen below. What is worth noting – we are dealing here with video of very low resolution (240p), but improvements are visible. On the right is much more stable, and even the color saturation is much better. See for yourself:


Source: petapixel