The bad news for Huawei never comes alone, and after the ban on any product or infrastructure from the company accessing the United States, and the ban on collaborating with any company based in the country, now Reuters says that Google also suspended its collaboration with the company at both hardware and software level with “immediate” access, so the company could not launch any new Android update on all its phones currently available in the market, to which is added that their new devices will not have access to the official applications of the company, including the Google Play Store.


The company is still discussing “internally” what services will be eliminated, the source said. However, Google would eliminate all technical support and collaboration for Android and services.

If fulfilled, this would not only be very bad news for Huawei, but also for users with mobile devices from this company. We must remember that Huawei is the second manufacturer of smartphones worldwide, and Google’s decision would affect millions of users, to which it is added that security updates could not be released, so in case of arriving some vulnerability in the future, all Huawei devices would be prone to attacks.

It will be touching to wait for the information to become official and Huawei to pronounce itself to know the seriousness of the matter.

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