From today Google has come with a new search engine in order to entertain the Players who love music. Now all you have to do is to write the song name with “lyrics” and at the top of the results you will see the lyrics of specific songs that you have searched. Already in different situation you can search basic information about a product, person, place or institution – Internet giant found that music also deserves it.

Google now shows the lyrics Search Engine


This can be liked or not, but let’s concentrate on something else. Without a doubt, the direct display of the lyrics makes the number of page views, which is famous for their delivery to some extent fall.

What needs to be emphasized, Google is now “discouraging” sites such as SongMeanings or MetroLyrics as they will lose lots of their views. The text search engine is in fact at one point topped the link to the full content therein. For now, however, this feature is only available for users in the United States.

CEO of LyricFind (company delivering lyrics, music streaming services) argues that the giant sends harm to the parties, and now they will not be able to beat them.

However, as an additive function text is displayed in the browser can be very useful.

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