As we all are aware of the fact that console makers of today are currently focusing on their next-gen gaming console, which could be released in the time period of two to three years and it seems that we might have a new gaming console in the market.

Earlier this month, Microsoft’s gaming head Phil Spencer confirmed that the new Xbox is already under development, while we also heard about the new PlayStation which will be releasing within next three years. And according to the recent published report by Kotaku, technology giant Google is planning to enter the gaming industry as an other source of game hardware developer to compete against the exiting developers.

Gaming industry has been dominated by three big companies, i.e, Sony, Microsoft and the Nintendo and in the coming years, we might witness a new console in the market from Google. The company has already entered the gaming industry with the YouTube Game streaming, however, we are going to see some hardware stuff this time.

As per the report, the company’s plan is to cover the video streaming platform, a physical hardware, and some game developers working for its gaming platform (through recruiting and acquisitions). Furthermore, it says that the company was planning to enter the industry since recent past years as they tried to purchase Twitch, which was later bought by Amazon, and its attempt to launch the android based console somewhere between 2015-2016, which couldn’t happen.

While during the Game Developers Conference which happened in March this year, its representatives showed interest in the industry trends as they met a lot of companies for the purpose of their streaming platform. According to the report, company’s game streaming device is code-named as ‘Yeti‘.

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It would be good to see a new player in the market with its own devices, thus creating options for the gamers. However, there is no official word or confirmation from the Google regarding the matter, therefore, it should be taken as a report for the time being and we might hear a surprising announcement in the coming months. Stay tuned for more updates!

Source: Kotaku

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