For many people, Google portal died before it could be seriously born. In fact, over 3 years of its existence the service managed to accumulate a huge user, more than 500 million. Bad reputation never left and now the Mountain View giant has decided to officially start closing Google+. This does not mean, that the whole project went down in the drain. Instead, the whole platform will simply be divided into several parts.

This is the end of Google+ as we know it


At the beginning be precise, in fact never disappear Google+ account and will still be active. The only changes will be made in its structure and it will not be developed in this direction as before. By logging on to the platform get access to several tools – and this is mentioned in the introduction of this division. The first part is the Stream. This database of profiles observed by us. The second one is the Photos – tool for storing and editing images, which enjoys a good reputation among the users. Another part may be a separate for communicator Hangouts.

Company Google apparently thought something that has gained popularity as an integrated platform, it can cope with the market as three separate products. It will be interesting to see whether the Internet giant totally implement it in the right way. What do you think?

Source: SlashGear, Engadget