Google’s all set to take charge of almost any device that can connect to the web no matter if it includes a touch screen .

First reported by The Information , Google is developing a brand new OS codenamed “Brillo” which is extremely undersized and will have just 32MB or 64MB of RAM to run adequately for it to have the ability to squeezed into perhaps the smallest of Internet of Things ( IoT ) device .

It’s predicted that the brand new OS will likely be introduced under the Android banner with the company working on the preliminary development of the OS associated withthe Android unit that grows the world’s top smartphone OS .

Definitely , if it is launched with the Android moniker then it will certainly commemorate a distinctive departure from the modern Android build that needs at least 512MB of RAM to work and perform tasks appropriately . The step will permit Google to undertake a large chunk of the smart home pie by allowing its OS to run right from smart fridges and light bulbs to safety locking systems , thermostats and also micro-sized wearables .

By developing an OS precise to the IoT , Google is apparently putting itself as one of those that will be at the centre of intelligent homes of the near future and we cananticipate to know much more concerning its plans at the I/O developers conference a few days later .


Source: The Information