The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google to invest 1 billion to provide whole world internet access via satellites.

As per “people familiar with the project,” Google will utilize 180 “little, high-limit satellites” that will circle the Earth at low elevations. Headed by Greg Wyler, who set up satellite startup O3b Networks Ltd, Google has been on a procuring spree to enlist engineers from satellite organization Space Systems/Loral LLC, claims the Journal.

Presently, if the report is precise, Wuler is heading up a group of “between 10 and 20 people,” eventually showing up for Larry Page. The task is perused to give web to zones far and wide without wires associations, and cost between $1 billion to more than $3 billion, contingent upon the system’s last outline and size. The Journal claims that a later stage “could double the number of satellites”.

Beside authoritative points of interest, data about this project stays inadequate. In any case, it’s not Google’s just drive to spread web from the skies: it’s now running tests with web balloons, and purchased an automated drone company to cover the world in WI-Fi, as well.

While past endeavors cover the world in the web by means of satellite have demonstrated unsuccessful, that is generally been because of escalating expenses. Assuming that the reports are correct, Google is currently chipping away at three prominent projects to utilize airborne specialty to join the world by means of internet. Plainly, cost isn’t excessively of a sympathy for Page & Co..

Source: WSG


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