Although recently we hear less about its time pompously announced Google Glass, and many people are thinking about the death of that project, but the project is still breathing after facing some setbacks. Wall Street Journal editorial board learned that engineers giant work in sweat on a new version of your gadget. Most interesting, however- it turns out that, Google has decided to end cooperation with Texas Instruments and components for new glasses Glass will be designed and prepared by Intel.

The first consumer version of Google Glass left much to be desired. Not very comfortable design and a very short time on a single charge. Google does not intend, however, to give up. First, it was announced that the team has joined Ivy Ross, who knows about fashion like no one else and that the new device does not look like ordinary glasses.

Now the Wall Street Journal reports that the decision was made ​​to change the component suppliers. Intel parts will not increase the performance of the machine, but also the life of the battery. 

This cooperation can bring very positive results for Google – saving a very interesting project, which is Google Glass. As much as it can, however, also Intel will be able to increase some of the revenue. With the help of an American processor manufacturer, Google Glass would be able to enjoy the huge victory in the upcoming future.