Although recently we hear less about its time pompously announced Google Glass, and many people are thinking about the death of that project, but the project is still breathing after facing some setbacks. So far the candy is still in the price tag of $ 1500 for the Explorer edition, still consumers version is not out. More and more people are throwing questions on the future of Google Glass. But from Google side still research and development continues, and now the new version of Google Glass has been leaked in the wild. 

Previously we have also seen that, Google has decided to end cooperation with Texas Instruments and components for new Glass will be designed and prepared by Intel.

Google Glass Newer Version features a more Compact design and a larger Screen


The new version is slimmer, lighter and also doesn’t have the casing overhanging the left ear that the current Google Glass Explorer edition has, and the casing that hangs in front of the eye appears smaller than in the current design. But it remains to be seen whether Google will be able to incorporate all the functionality of the current model into just the front section of Glass. Even the nose care has also been canceled.

This version still has a screen lens, camera and touch version, especially the lens portion longer than the previous version, you should be able to display more content.

But in the end when the consumer version will out?

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