While Google declared that it had been halting the Glass Explorer programme many of us leaps to the summary that Google Glass is just RIP.

Nonetheless it seems those Glass-sceptics might have jumped the ditch with the reports that the Google has already been sending out prototypes of the upcoming iteration of Google Glass.

Though the upcoming advanced Google Glass is yet at the start of advancement phase, sources familiar with the project have exposed Google have been exhibiting the prototype in confidential sector to a selected number of affiliates, as per 9to5Google .com.

Given that the wrap up of the Google Glass Explorer program Google continues to be trying very hard to demonstrate that it is still planned for bringing out a consumer variant of Google Glass.

This includes creating a new Glass at Work program that brings together 10 start ups which are focusing on creating new software for Google Glass. Google is cautiously curating the firms that may sign up the Glass at Work program and is doing work meticulously with every one to ensure the software program that facilitates Google Glass is of. This really is quite an unique strategy to the Explorer Program which permitted anybody to create Apps for the gadget, which resulted in blended results.

This increased considered tactic could possibly be the factor to Google Glass’ success. All we can do is wait.

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