Google has apologized for the picture of its Android bot urinating on an Apple logo which was presented on Google Maps through Map Maker.

In a release to The Washington Post Google spokesperson said, “We’re sorry for this inappropriate user-created content; we’re working to remove it quickly,” Google’s Mara Harris said in an e-mailed statement. “We also learn from these issues, and we’re constantly improving how we detect, prevent and handle bad edits.” The vast majority of users who edit Google Maps provide “great contributions,” Harris said.

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The visual that has now been uprooted was situated in Pakistan close to the city of Rawalpindi, and added to Google Maps through Map Maker, a feature that permits clients to add content and extra data to Google Maps.

A person searching for an area close Rawalpindi, Pakistan discovered the picture when he went over the coordinates 33°30’52.5″N 73°03’33.2″E.

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