Just ask someone about the hottest recent game, and his answers would be Flappy bird, the game which recorded daily upt0 S50,000. The childerns has been playing this game for overnights the red hot game of the January 2014. The Flappy bird is also at the top position in U.S App store chart. But now the Flappy Bird has the shelf in the Apple App Store and Google Play app store.

Goodbye Flappy Bird
Dong Ha Nguyen on Twitter

The developer of Flappy bird Dong Ha Nguyen yesterday tweets that suddenly after 22 hours will be announced on Twitter The “take ‘Flappy Bird’ down”, he said, “I cannot stand it no longer.” He also said: “Flappy Bird is my first success but it also ruined my life so I hate him..”

Now, 22 hours later, the users of Apple Store and Google Play app store are unable to find Flappy Bird on store, free hot game ranked at number one is now no longer available, but for the users who already download this game still enjoy, but it will not receive any updates in future.


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