Palmer Luckey, the chief of Oculus Rift was trying to tease and update his followers on the Twitter 2 days ago regarding the VR head mounted display and the Virtual Reality supporting games. Though the Virtual Reality headset will be officially launched in the month of March this year.

He began with the post, “can’t wait to show off all the new games coming to Rift and Gear VR” and then posted more in a series of tweets. Gear VR is Oculus’s mobile Head-Mounted Display made in partnership with Samsung.

He then talked about the dispersed line-ups of the platforms, but he is happy that most of the developers are “making sure that won’t happen!”.

For ‘Good Games’, VR Will Have ‘High Attach Rates’

And then finally he mentioned that the most good Virtual Reality supported games will be with “high attach rates”  as according to him, people want to have best VR experience and try everything.

Jason Rubin, Head of Oculus Worldwide Studio has also stated that the “developers working with Oculus have either signed on for another Virtual Reality title or pitched one”. It seems that the Virtual Reality has gained a huge amount of significance and popularity among all the developers and maybe considered as the future of video gaming. Stay tuned for more updates!

Via: Focus

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