From everything seen so far, the best thing about new God of War for PS4 is that it will continue the story of Kratos without “Reboot”, as indicated by Cory Barlog, creative director. Barlog has explained that developing a reboot of God of War for a new title would have been the easy way out, but the developers of Santa Monica Studio preferred to keep all the complex world built so far around Kratos in order to continue its story.

God of War PS4 New Details Revealed


The game will have lots of similarities with the acclaimed game The Last of Us and it seems that these similarities are not accidental, since in a recent interview with Cory Barlog, he has admitted that developers were inspired by the proposal presented in the Last of Us to tell the kind of story they wanted and that would not have been possible otherwise. Barlog explained this aspect as follows:

The Last of Us is an amazing game, Naughty Dog is an unbelievably talented team, and to be compared to them is awesome,” he said. “But for me the influence is a lot more like the transition from Resident Evil 3 to Resident Evil 4. And the expansion and the audience being ready for more mature stories, and not mature as in ‘mature,’ but really as in dramatically challenging people, to dig a little deeper, not handing all the answers to them.. yeah, Last of Us did pave the way for that. And I feel like I am happy for that. it feels like we are entering an era when gamers are longing for this. These are exciting stories as creators to tell.”

In this upcoming God of War, Barlog suggested the possibility that we will see some scenes from the previous titles in the series to be played in the new style.

It is expected that God of War will be released in 2017 exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Via: gamingbolt

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