Players have noticed a small detail that may herald the release of God of War on the PC platform. After the announcement of Horizon Zero Dawn on PC, no one doubts that such a step is possible.

God of War on the PC is not a crazy idea at all, and speculation about the fact that Kratos is the next hero who will leave the exclusive PlayStation deck, began after noticing a tiny detail on the official game website.

God Of War PS4

God of War – Only on PlayStation

Crossing out the phrase “Only on PlayStation” in the above heading is no accident, because it has disappeared from the official page of God of War on PlayStation. While on the titles like Days Gone or Bloodborne, you can still see that tag.

We had a similar situation before the Detroit: Become Human and Death Stranding announcement, so its seems like God of War is coming to PC!

It is worth noting that, only the English version of the game has been updated and the game subpage has not been updated everywhere, and so on other languages pages on PlayStation website you will still see the addition of “Only on PlayStation” at God of War.

Will PlayStation 5 lose exclusive games like Xbox?

Two weeks ago Sony officially confirmed that Horizon Zero Dawn will debut on the PC and the title already has a product card on Steam. Now God of War can face a similar fate. Therefore, some PlayStation fans have justified fears that their equipment will get rid of exclusive games just like Xbox.

Sony addressed these concerns in early March as follows:

We are very attached to dedicated equipment, as it used to be. We will continue this direction. We are also very attached to high quality exclusive games. For strong single player narrative productions. At the same time, we will be very open to experiments and new ideas. Just wanting to see what works. I think it’s also a very big part of DNA Worldwide Studios.

The above words were spoken by the head of PlayStation Worldwide Studios, Hermen Hulst. We received a clear suggestion that if Horizon Zero Dawn accepts the PC and sells well, then other games – already with PS5 – could share Aloy’s fate.

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