As indicated by Cory Barlog, creative director of God of War, the next installment of the saga for PS4 will not be a reboot, it will be a continuation of the Kratos’ story. Barlog has explained that developing a reboot of God of War for a new title would have been the easy way out, but the developers of Santa Monica Studio have preferred to keep all the complex world built so far around Kratos in order to continue its story.

God of War on PS4 will be a continuation of Kratos Story


For the realization of the new God of War, Barlog said the developers had studied all the titles in the series and stripped of all accessory to keep the essence of the story in the game. And based on that, they began working for the next installment of Kratos.

The new God of War will remain fairly linear like its predecessors, although Santa Monica Studios has already indicated that their intentions are to change the gaming experience and to increase the level of actual scan in it. This time the camera will be much closer than in previous installments, with the intention that the player see and experience the world from the perspective of Kratos. In addition, this new installment of Kratos will not be completely alone against everyone, but his son will be an active companion for support in game. There’s a devoted son button on the DualShock 4 controller that lets players pretty much charge the boy. Need him to flame bolts at enemies in battle? Hit the Son button. In the game you will be able to give him some specific type of bolts.

No release date announced for God of War on PS4.

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