Following the pleasant news that Tales of Berseria will be released on the PC platform, Bandai Namco again has surprised us by announcing that God Eater Resurrection and God Eater 2: Rage Burst will also debut in the West (previously only released in Japan) and on the PC platform via Steam, during the course of 2016.

God Eater Resurrection And God Eater 2: Rage Burst announced for PC – Trailer


God Eater is carried out in a completely post-apocalyptic setting, the game’s events take place in Japan in the year 2071. Earth has been destroyed by creatures known as Aragami, conjunction of millions of Oracle Cells, smart and hungry cells governed by a core, whose biological function is only consume anything: buildings, machines, animals, plants; Just something comes between the Aragami and the extinction of all known forms of life on Earth: An anti-Aragami organization called Fenrir which hires some warriors called Gods Eate, hunters Aragami able to wield some weapons God calls Arc, a type of specialized biological weapon made from the same Oracle Cells (essentially artificial Aragami). Due to the size and weight of the God Arc, the Gods Eaters must have a surgically attached to your wrist bracelet, in order to make it work.

Our character will be one of those Gods Eaters. More specifically, a New type trained to use a new kind of God Arc can toggle between shooting and close combat (as opposed to the old types, Old Type, employing specialized in God Arcs Type use of one or another function). After choosing sex, appearance, character and weapon name, you will receive a brief introduction to Fenrir, the Aragami and the state of the world. After that, the character can start performing the missions assigned to Fenrir.These are divided into missions and missions frame “free”; although both the objective is always the same: locate and remove, either alone or with a group (in default and other occasions our choice), one or more Aragami of various types in a given time. The only difference is that the plot missions allow advance the story (although the mission has little or no relation to the context of the argument), while the “free” are generally used to “harvest” Aragami components, which are subsequently used to enhance or create new weapons, shields, clothes, etc.

The story revolves around six main members of the anti-Aragami Fenrir organization. The player will travel with other members between experienced and novice (Lindow, Sakuya, Soma, Kota and Alisa), while coordination and guidance come from the minister Tsubaki Amamiya.

The first part of the game focuses on the relationship of the main characters of the plot, the story is mainly based on the Aegis Island, and Shio, a key character in the game. Continuation of the story focuses on the interactions of the main character and revolves around the search for one of the main characters, leading to the arrival of Ren, and the battle with a new Aragami, the Corrosive Hannibal.

The formula of game, in essence is quite simple. Through a headquarters which is named “The Den”, you can perform different tasks (where the missions are chosen work and improve the weapons, supply of consumables is replenished, talk with other characters or create and edited bullet types) and of course, ready to go out to eat gods. Once in battle, the similarities with another monster hunting franchise, Monster Hunter, may become apparent. However, while the former advocates a more deliberate and thoughtful approach to combat, God Eater commitment breathtaking action, in which the dazzling fast combos and evasive maneuvers to avoid the devastating attacks Aragami abound. Thus, once the mission left The Den selected to interfere in broad scenarios post-apocalyptic setting. In them and usually (though that varies somewhat from one target to another) we must explore each of their areas in search of items to collect (there is a large number of them) and most importantly, give chase to one or more Aragami lurking in those places.

Another point where the title stands out from other similar gameplay, is that depending on the beast that we have to remove, it is necessary to face the battle one way or another. If at first this just makes sense because we abate Aragami are quite simple, as missions are exceeded, the difficulty increases gradually and end requires some advance planning and subsequent implementation of a given strategy.

A section that enhances the features of the title, is the multiplayer component. God Eater allows Ad-hoc connection with up to three players to team up and cooperate in hunting Aragami. While “free” missions (and some other of the main plot) allow us to go hunting alone to a higher level of challenge, the truth is that teamwork is vital when Aragami almost any player can beat one stroke. Not only by the possibility of allowing tactical attacks and confuse surround the dam; Face to survive, each group member can revive fallen comrades through the Link-Aid: in exchange for a percentage of their health (usually half) can revive other characters that are out of action and allow his return to the fight.

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