Imagination Technologies, a UK company of research and development, recognized for his work with PowerVR processors in mobile devices and low-power, presented a comparative video showcasing capabilities of the new Vulkan and its predecessor API OpenGL.

Gnome Horde Demo – Comparison Video of Vulkan Vs OpenGL


The Gnome Horde demo serves as a benchmark for both APIs, which in addition to the visual performance, we can see the bars that depict the work of the “draw calls” in the different versions. It is evident as Vulkan can process more “order” rendering simultaneously, unlike the old API that allows only pairs.

“On the left side of the video we are showing Vulkan, and on the right is OpenGL ES 3.0. We have tried to ensure that both versions run both equivalent code and run without extensions. The demos are either using instantiated, each ‘draw call’ may be a different piece of geometry, with a material or different texture, and CPU performance could be very similar. “

Vulkan is another modern APIs, along with DirectX12 and Mantle, allowing full use of modern low-level hardware, making extensive use of all available CPUs and higher performance memory.

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