The invaders are here! Later this year, let’s play the role of a group of civilians in a besieged castle in the game “Gloria Victis: Siege“.

Manage and process resources during the day, and at night search the ruined city for inventory. You will face hunger, wounds, diseases and you will be bitterly desperate – but also with the growing disputes between civilians and the last defenders of the city. The soldiers will not last long without your support, and if the defense falls, the invaders will show no mercy. Remember, however, that relief is on its way.

The Midlanders, proud of their fertile lands, whose crops feed the whole kingdom abundantly, watch the coming days with horror. Just before the harvest, dozens of drakkar arrived to the shores of Midland, through which the hordes of plunderers from the frosty north arrived – the Ismirs.

The invaders ravaged the coast, plundering granaries, burning entire villages and marking their march with the blood of peasants. Those who managed to escape the barbarian axes fled behind the city walls, seeking the help of soldiers and knights. When the invading forces reached the gates of our city, the Lord stood up for his subjects and faced the barbarians in an open battle. And although both he and his men were killed in battle, thanks to this the messenger managed to break through the enemy lines to bring help.

Now everything is in our hands. If we help the last defenders of the castle and keep the bastion long enough, we will live to see the relief.

Gloria Victis: Siege Game Feature:

  • A new look at the medieval war – a unique vision of the siege of the castle shown from the perspective of townspeople who just want to experience another day.
  • Important decisions – during the war, no decision is clearly good or bad, so you have to choose between supporting soldiers and your own survival, while caring for the morale of your charges.
  • Built-in level and scenario editor – a complete set of tools that will allow the user to create his own story or recreate events from the history of the world of Gloria Victis.
  • Unique atmosphere – A realistic setting and an amazing soundtrack by Marcin Przybyłowicz and Magdalena Urbańska make Gloria Victis: Siege a truly emotional experience.
  • Survive the siege – Process the food so that it does not rot and build the necessary constructions. Take the risk and sneak into the ruins of the city plundered by invaders to find the resources you need, trade with other looters and help the survivors – or use them.

Gloria Victis: Siege is still in development. The premiere of the game for PC platform will be announced soon. 

If you like what you see on the trailer above, visit the Steam game page  and add it to your wish list to always be up to date with what is happening behind the strong fortress walls.

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