GLOBALFOUNDRIES announced that, it has managed to skip several steps in the manufacture of silicon to go directly to 14nm (nanometers), but at the moment they achieved the pilot phase 14nm LPP (Low-Power Plus / low power) FinFET. According to the GB results are good in its first test chips / quality control. This node is a step used to start mass production of extremely complex chips for the CPU or GPU.

GlobalFoundries reaches 14 nm LPP FinFET Node, Good for AMD


Now it speculate, because it was expected that the biggest client of GlobalFoundries, AMD plans to build its next-generation Zen processor along with Arctic Islands graphics chips on 14nm process node. The latest rumors indicated that GLOBALFOUNDRIES delays have forced AMD to manufacture its chips with TSMC at 16nm, but before the announcement of GF to achieve the 14nm we could say that. Now it seems like AMD will not move to the TSMC for manufacturing of 16nm.

Via: TechPowerUp

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