Last night there was a news that GlobalFoundries production of 14nm process node has been delayed due to some problems which have been stated in our previous post (here). Today, they totally denied such problems related to their 14nm fabrication process. According to the foundry, it specifically stockpiles manufacturing equipment in a warehouse so that to install it once the fab 8 facility becomes compatible with new tools.

GlobalFoundries denies problems with 14nm: everything is as planned


“Our 14nm plan has not changed,” said Jason Gorss, a spokesperson for GlobalFoundries. “A key part of the strategy is to order tools ahead of facility readiness to enable the fastest possible ramp. Due to the large number of tools coming in, we have our vendors stage these tools at a nearby warehouse to facilitate a fast install. This logistical move is in no way related to yield challenges or a delay in our technology ramp and is, in fact, quite the opposite. Our Fab 8 ramp is on track and we have yielding customer product on our 14nm technology.”

If you don’t know the whole case so, at the start of this month GlobalFoundries has announced that they will start a mass production of chips using 14nm LPE (low-power early) manufacturing process in the first half of 2015. Which is a huge lead our TSMC.

This year we have seen that all the giants are suffering from problem which are living with the vision of 14nm production technology. Even Intel is suffering from such problem, but they are still trying to climb.


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