A few days ago, there was a news that by shaking hand with Globalfoundries AMD boasts and improved the efficiency of their OEM full range of products, AMD is also preparing a new generation of GPU, the reason not to go with TSMC is the high cost. Globalfoundries’s next-generation 14nm process and progress timeline was running very smoothly, began trial production at the end of this year, the first half of next year production, progress would be faster than TSMC. But now the latest news tells us the story that, these days are not coming soon, Globalfoundries 14nm process have been identified to be postponed, later than previously estimated 1-2 quarters.

Globalfoundries 14nm process postponed, Sigh of relief for TSMC


Globalfoundries 14nm technology, Samsung has also taken a license in accordance with the previous plan, located in New York’s Fab 8 facility will be upgraded to first 14nm process plant. The production process has been tested, but mass production will need to install additional production equipment.

Globalfoundries multiple sources confirmed that the equipment installation work has been suspended, the original production of 14nm process for the production of equipment are now stored in a nearby warehouse requirements. Equipment suppliers were told the plant is still not ready, production equipment can only be saved to the repository. Specifically, it is not clear that for how long time it will take, but we can estimate that it took 1-2 quarters.

Equipment has been bought and now only suspended for installation, I think the possibility is not short of money, the problem is most likely in the yield problems, after all, the trial production to mass production is not a concept. Samsung’s 14nm process, although in volume production, but Samsung also did not mention the yield issues, Globalfoundries although the Samsung’s technology to obtain authorization, but taking into account their performance in the past, the problem is more likely to yield new technology.

Globalfoundries 14nm production process was originally expected in the first half of next year, even if only now postponed to 1-2 quarters, it should be postponed until the Q3 quarter, when TSMC’s 16nm FinFET process will produce a volume, Globalfoundries lead has gone.