From past month there has been lots of Cyber attack victims, including some giants like Sony. The the victim list, now you can also count ICANN – an organization which is dedicated to supervising the activities of DNS servers, like granting of Internet domain names and IP address management systems.

After Recent Hacking On Sony Twist In Drama ICANN Has Been Hacked:

Using basic spear phishing attacks (mostly used for hacking Facebook accounts), hackers managed to cheat workers of ICANN. Impersonating elements from within the organization “scammed” private information via e-mail. As a result, many internal systems are violated.

According to information confirmed by ICANN, in the hands of criminals there are not only internal e-mails, but also many other things, including a database with a list of players who have registered specific domains. Hackers also gained access to the Centralized Zone Data System (CzDS), which allows them to preview the usernames, email addresses and other personal information and contact details.

But what is important – the password is encrypted, so there is still hope that things are not available for burglars. However, all the data has been canceled – just in case.

The organization has implemented this year stronger security measures. And although they did not stop the criminals. Now they are looking forward to improve its security better than before.

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