Perfect World Entertainment announced that the open beta of Gigantic, its new free-to-play competitive action MOBA is now available for both PC (Windows 10) and Xbox One, with cross-play between the two platforms.

Gigantic – Open Beta now available for Windows 10

Players have the option to purchase the Founder’s Pack (totally optional) to gain access to the 16 heroes that are available, four new heroes and additional and unique rewards at a price of $39.99.

Gigantic will always be free to play and its full roster of heroes and creatures can be fully unlocked with money earned by completing game tasks and fill letters of fortune. The Founder’s Pack gives you instant access to the 16 heroes of the open beta (plus four heroes future). Finally, those who purchase this package will receive two skins “Imperial” two icons limited and exclusive profile. Gigantic and Founder’s Pack already available in Windows 10 and Xbox One.

In Gigantic, five players to the attack launched by a battlefield full of fantasy with his guardian, a huge monster that must be protected. You start by choosing a character from a list of unique heroes that reflects the style of each player and then look for targets, dodge and jump all over the map to defeat the enemy’s guardian. In Gigantic, all battles, earn rewards, unlock new heroes and adjust the style of play.

Developed by the Motiga study, Gigantic out for PC (Windows 10) and Xbox One and will crossplay support between both platforms.


  • Choosing a guardian. A mystical connection connects players with their guardian, a magical giant too powerful to be defeated by a single mortal. Each guard has its own attacks and behavior, and players must protect to win.
  • Level up instantly. As the battle progresses, players choose powerful new skills to adapt to the battle at all times. You can learn to avoid projectiles while a flash is used or get a fire attack that activates when
    entering combat.
  • fantastic visual style. Players are at the heart of an exciting fantasy world in which aircraft fly over ancient ruins and there is an empire fingertips.
  • Easy to learn, hard to master. The familiar WASD controls are easy to learn for new players. The challenge comes with the rapid fire and more complicated strategies.
  • Content updates bring new experience to the game. Gigantic is a game in constant motion, with frequent content updates so that there is always something new to learn and master. And besides, being free, players
    can enjoy Gigantic without spending a penny.