In the dizzying consumer electronics products, Gigabyte also willful choice at CES 2015 and released their latest Overclocking motherboard – Gigabyte X99 SOC Champion, from its name “Champion” you can admit that this board has no limit of Overclocking all you need skills in order to break records with the bad boy. It has many Overclocking features, such as CPU socket pins from the default of LGA2011-3 turned into LGA2083, to enhance the Overclocking potential.

Gigabyte X99 SOC Champion Motherboard: LGA2011-3 turned into LGA2083


Gigabyte X99 SOC Champion motherboard in terms of looks familiar with the Gigabyte SOC Force, a lot of Overclocking design is similar, such as memory slots, X99 general DDR4 standard eight memory slots, but this motherboard to reduce to four, so you can simplify PCB traces, to improve signal quality, and four memory slots also support four-channel, no impact on performance. At least extreme Overclockers will not mind it.

Also, Gigabyte also makes use of different assembly techniques for memory Slots, similar to SMT surface mount technology, but the Gigabyte is called SMD (Surface Mounted DIMM), the memory is directly attached to the motherboard, no pins.

Others include the CPU socket on the motherboard SOC Force used three times (15u) gold-plated technology, but the X99 SOC Champion motherboard has used double six times (30u) gold-plated technology. Additionally, CPU socket has also improved a lot, the default should be with 2011 pins, Gigabyte has improved it to 2083 pins, can improve CPU power, which is very useful for extreme Overclocking. ASUS had their Overclocking motherboard which is also using a similar design, but Gigabyte has a lead now when you come at the CPU socket.

Other specifications are also very powerful, all-digital power supply, 2x copper PCB design supports 4-way SLI / CF, M.2 support 20Gbps speed interface, support for SATA Express interface, even for audio entertainment applications and network technology also retained.

Gigabyte X99 SOC Champion

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