While brands like Asus claims that the free upgrade to Windows 10 has reduced its sales, “When people get free upgrades they may not have to need to buy a new product, free upgrades help Windows the most,” said Jerry Shen during the company’s earnings conference with investors and financial analysts.” Gigabyte chest out announcing that during the month of September has consolidated in the market with revenues of 153.85 million dollars, enough to report growth in October, 62 percent in the month and an increase of 36.04 percent so far this year.

Gigabyte reports revenues for September


The trick of the company has been focusing on businesses that worked well in the last months, that is why we have reduced the dependence on the mobile telephony sector and laptops. In the sales segment, the sales of the G1 series Gaming graphics cards were particularly good. Despite its growth, income is one 6.94 percent lower from the same period last year, which is not bad when you consider that prices today are much more aggressive and even more when compared with the competition.

It is expected to increase PC sales next year, which means that the motherboard manufacturer is in a dominant position.

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