In the Kepler era, MSI and Asus has launched mini-ITX based GTX 670 and GTX 760, those small cards are good for the mini-ITX cabinets which are often used in the developing houses. Now this is the Maxwell time, the new Maxwell architecture is based on lower power consumption and more thermal chip, the GM204 is the latest and improved version equipped with some new technologies. Today, the latest news come from the Gigabyte side as they launched the world’s first Mini ITX GTX 970 4GB graphics card, the specific model is GV-N970IXOC-4GD.

Gigabyte Released the Fastest Mini-ITX GTX 970

Gigabyte Released the Fastest Mini-ITX GTX 970

Gigabyte GV-N970IXOC-4GD actual frequency is also higher than the public version, the core frequency is up to 1076MHz, turbo boost frequency 1216MHz. In the public version core frequency is 1051MHz while turbo boost frequency 1178MHz.

In addition, you can also see from the images, Gigabyte Mini ITX GTX 970 need single 8pin power supply, compared to the dual 6pin power supply interface, this design can reduce the number of power lines, power supply capacity is the same (165Watts).

The biggest challenge for the High performance Mini ITX card was the heat, Gigabyte Mini ITX GTX 970 is equipped with their own Windforce 3x, with the three heat pipes, which two of 8mm and one 5mm. According to data provided by Gigabyte, when this card was running “Metro Last Light” temperature reaches to only 62 °C, while the public version of the NVIDIA GTX 970 graphics card is 76 °C.

The retail price of Gigabyte Mini ITX GTX 970 is $329.99, same as the public version.

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