Gigabyte has launched a new revision of Radeon R9 280x OC without any notice. New released is carrying known hotfix which is the loss of quality to each version received in the segment of PCB, so lets look at the changes what they have made in Rev.3.

Against all odds the Gigabyte Radeon 280x R9 OC (Rev. 3) arrives with lots of improvements to consider, as compared to Rev 2.0 we find two extra copper heatpipes (now six in total) that are even slightly thicker and all are hidden under a renewed housing more aesthetic that hides the union connections to the PCB (WINDFORCE 3X Cooling system with Triangle Cool technology).

This new cooling system helps the Graphics card to overclock even at higher frequencies, as the GPU  Tahiti XTL, consisting of 2048 Shader Processors, 128 TMUs and 32 ROPs, moves from a base / boost frequencies of 850/1000 MHz (Rev . 2) a more generous 1000/1100 MHz  (Rev. 3). In both cases the VRAM and memory frequency remain same GDDR5 3GB/ 6000MHz attached to a 384-bit bus.

This  Gigabyte Radeon 280x R9 OC (Rev. 3) is now on sale for $280.