Almost from the beginning, it was suspected that in the new Need for Speed, expected for this year, you cannot play without an internet connection, and the executive producer of Ghost Games himself now confirms this and gives explanations.

Need For Speed Will Require An Online Connection


As already known, Need for Speed ​​will again with the inclusion of the social system Autolog, but also by Marcus Nilsson, will be a component score for posting images and videos that make connectivity a mandatory requirement.

We’ve been pretty big with Autolog throughout the years and, as we know, it’s a really powerful feature,” Nilsson told OXM (via GamesRadar). “This time around we’re going to give it more of a human voice. It will treat your friend’s play as if it is part of the narrative experience.”

“We also have a new snapshot system as well,” Nilsson said. These snapshots of in-game action go out to the Need For Speed network “where people can ‘like’ them, and those likes are being pushed back into the game as currency. So you get progression from sharing your photos.”

The system seems interesting. We all know that modern internet is full of “selfies” and pictures of food, waiting for the most “likes” possible from our friends. It is interesting that something is part of the progression of a game, but we also know that, quietly, could not be mandatory and would let the player progresses as it has done since the first games there racing with experience points and Vehicle improvements.

The new Need for Speed ​​will come on November 3 to next generation consoles and PC.

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