GlobalFoundaries and AMD informed about the preparation of the first fully working sample chips on 14 nm FinFET process of LPP. This means that mass production of chips for the company from Sunnyvale should start without any major problems in 2016, as previously announced.

The company did not disclose too much information about the prepared structure, but it can be assumed that the AMD obtain a fully working chip. The message is so important that the AMD is planning several products using this lithography. The faster they start mass production, the better for the company.

AMD confirms that Zen CPUs will be on 14nm FinFET 


Both companies are hoping that the production system will run on a large scale without delay in 2016. Unfortunately, it is not entirely clear what GlobalFoundries could prepare for AMD because we don’t know the official plans at the moment. The statement from Mark Papermaster only showcases that the 14 nm FinFET LPP will be used in a wide range of products, which will include the CPU, APU and GPU.

Both processes used by GlobalFoundries are under a license granted to the company by Samsung. 

AMD also said it has conducted multiple launches production using the manufacturing process to 14nm Low Power Plus (14LPP) technology that is currently performing the validation work on production samples 14LPP. Today’s announcement represents another important step toward achieving high availability of production technology to 14LPP by GlobalFoundries, which will reach high volume production in 2016.

“Globalfoundaries has worked tirelessly to reach this key milestone on its 14LPP process. We look forward to Globalfoundaries continued progress towards full production readiness and expect to leverage the advanced 14LPP process technology across a broad set of our CPU, APU, and GPU products.”

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