Continuation of the history of problems with the GeForce GTX 970. The law firm Bursor & Fisher decided to contact the victims and bring customers concern NVIDIA class action lawsuit – it is the result of different specifications, which in turn can lead to poorer performance @4K.

We remind you that it is about the Maxwell GM204 graphics processor. NVIDIA GTX 970 specifications previously described in the official documentation are wrong, the card uses Maxwell GM204 core same featuring in GTX 980, NVIDIA just says it before SMM unit shielded three groups in order to reduce power consumption, 7GHz memory frequency, 256bit bit wide and 64 ROP units reserved, but in fact some of the specifications are wrong.

There must be differences in numbers behind the GTX 970 graphics memory with the exception and now NVIDIA has recognized the original GTX 970 specifications are wrong, 4 ROP / memory control partitions are actually disabled, so means it has only 56 ROP units and L2 cache less than 2MB about 1.75MB, but the memory controller does not change, indeed 256bit bit wide and 4GB of GDDR5 memory.

NVIDIA GTX 970: Bursor & Fisher sue a lawsuit


According to American lawyers, less L2 cache memory and a smaller number of ROP units may have a negative impact on the overall performance of your graphics card, and customers can here be harmed by the company NVIDIA. Bursor & Fisher Law Office asks all the victims of the contact and the intention to bring to the manufacturer because of this class action lawsuit.

What are the chances of winning a lawsuit? It’s hard to judge – the administration of justice in the United States has not once famous for quite unusual sentences (usually in favor of the claimant). Undoubtedly lawyers Bursor & Fisher find any sign of the possibility of a fast buck here, that depends on the agreement. The customers have the right to compensation if the goods do not match the description and most of the retailer seems to accept complaints on the specifications and try to calm irate customers by offering replacement and in some cases even repurchases

Source: Bursor & Fisher, Sweclockers

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