NVIDIA plans to launch the next gen mobile GPUs called GTX 800M series, with the rumor about the four new mobile GPUs dubbed GTX 850M,GTX 860M,GTX 870M and GTX 880M, let’s see what else NVIDIA would offer this year’s CeBIT

The highly rumored GTX 800M series has a mixed bunch of NVIDIA’s Kepler and latest Maxwell micro-architecture GPUs, the previous leaks proved that the GTX 860M would be based on Maxwell chip GM-107 which also powers the desktop GTX 750 and GTX 750 ti cards. The GTX 870M and GTX 880M would be Kepler re-brands. With both being re-branded GTX 770M and GTX 780M respectively with higher clocks.

GTX 800M series comparison to GTX 700M series
GTX 800M series comparison to GTX 700M series

GTX 880M

GTX 880M being similar to a GTX 680MX and GTX780M has 1536 CUDA cores, 128 TMUs and 32 ROPs but the performance upgrades include a larger VRAM i.e. now 8GB GDDR5, higher base and boost clocks (base-933 MHz,boost-954 MHz) and an effective 5000 MHz of memory frequency and is addressed via same 256bit wide interface which totals for a the same effective 160GB/s bandwidth.

 Chip Name
GPU Codename GK106 GK104 GK 104 GK104
GPU Process 28nm 28nm 28nm 28nm
Cores 960 1536 1344 1536 CUDA
Core Clock 811 MHz 823 MHz 914 MHz 933 MHz
Boost Clock n/a n/a 967 MHz 954 MHz
Memory Bus 192-bit 256-bit 192-bit 256-bit
Memory Clock 4.0 GHz 5.0 GHz 5.0 GHz 5.0 GHz
Memory Bandwidth 96 GB/s 160 GB/s 120 GB/s 160 GB/s

 GTX 870M
Now let’s look up to the GTX 870M which is a slightly cut off GTX 880M. Has same GK-104 core and totals to 1344 CUDA cores, 112 TMUs, 24 ROPs, 6GB of GDDR5 VRAM, 5GHz effective memory clock along with 192 bit wide memory interface to produce a total of 120Gb/s. The base gpu clock being 942MHz and boost being 967mhz. But the increase in VRAM is found to be pseudo since it doesn’t require that much VRAM unless gaming at 2K is concerned.

GTX 860M and GTX 850M

Beside some rumor about other low end GM-108 based mobile GPUs like GT840M and GT845M, the GTX 860M and GTX 850M are the only mobile gpus to sport Maxwell core. The GTX 860M is based on GM-107 same as GTX 750 ti desktop GPU, and has similar Compute unit specs, like 640 CUDA cores, 40 TMUs and 16 ROPs . 5GHz memory clock across 128bit wide bus produces 80.2GB/s bandwidth. But the GPU and memory clocks may be incorrect since the GPU-Z isn’t updated with Maxwell info.

Versus the GTX 760M(GK-106), the GTX 860M is a bit of an downgrade in number of CUDA cores but since Maxwell core architecture is slightly more powerful than Kepler cores therefore there won’t be a tremendous performance downfall and Maxwell is quite energy efficient compared to the Kepler chip too. Max 45W TDP  of GTX 860M vs 60W of GTX 760M thus making the card cooler and efficient.

The GTX 850M has equivalent specs and performance as desktop GTX 750 (non Ti). Both the Maxwell mobile GPUs are more efficient and powerful compared to their predecessor.


Among the GTX800M, the GTX 870M proves to be the best upgrade since its predecessor i.e. the GTX 770M was based on GK106 while GTX 870M is based on GK104. All the chips are significant upgrades compared to previous versions and may come equipped within laptops featuring Haswell refresh and Broadwell CPUs expected to dawn in 2nd quarter of 2014

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