We have new information about GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, first is a snapshot of GPU-Z software that confirms the specifications and second screenshot shows the first performance test using benchmarking software 3DMark 11.

GeForce 1050 GTX Ti Specifications: 


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti comes with Pascal GP107  silicon comprised of 768 CUDA Cores, 48 TMUs and 32 ROPs at a Base / Turbo frequency of 1318/1380 MHz gives 82.5 GTexels / s, nearly twice if we compare it with GM107 silicon found in the GeForce GTX 960 (41.3 GPixels). Silicon is attached to 4 GB of Samsung GDDR5 memory at a frequency of 7.00 GHz with a memory interface of 128-bit bus and a bandwidth of 112.1GB/s.  GeForce 1050 GTX Ti TDP would be 75W so no need of any PCI-Express connector for reference variant.

Now lets talk about its performance, from the below 3DMark11 score, we can see that new mid-range graphics card score 10,054 points and in same benchmarking software GeForce GTX 960 score 10,000 points. The difference is not huge, but actual real gaming will showcase the best case. Also, you should keep in mind that GeForce GTX 960 has a TDP of 120W requiring a PCI-Express connector, so the GeForce GTX 1050 Ti can be a great option if the price goes between 130-140 euros.


Alleged Specifications Of GeForce GTX 1050 Ti and GTX 1050

GTX 1060 6Gb GTX 1060 3Gb GTX 1050 Ti GTX 1050 GTX 950
GPU GP106-400 GP106-300 GP107-400 GP107-300 GM206-250 / 251
CUDA Cores 1280 1152 768 640 768
TMUs 80 72 48 40 48
ROPs 48 48 32 ? 32
Base frequency 1506 MHz 1506 MHz 1290 MHz 1354 MHz 1024 MHz
Turbo frequency 1709 MHz 1709 MHz 1382 MHz 1455 MHz 1188 MHz
Memory frequency 2002 MHz 2002 MHz 1752 MHz ? 1653 MHz
Effective Memory frequency 8008 MHz 8008 MHz 7008 MHz ? 6612 MHz
Memory Interface 192 bits 192 bits 128 bits 128 bits 128 bits
TDP 120W 120W 75W 75W 90W / 75W
Release date July 2016 August 2016 Mid-Oct. 2016 Oct. 2016 August 2015

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