On yesterday morning, NVIDIA released its Maxwell Second Generation Architecture Graphics Cards, GM204 fuses on GTX 980 and GTX 970. Maxwell architecture once again demonstrated high efficiency in the world. At that time they tested both cards with the beta version of 344.07, as usual, NVIDIA released new cards so there are some supporting issues. Now for their flavor Nvidia released a GeForce 344.11 WHQL Driver, in addition to supporting GTX 980/970 graphics it will also support multi-screen G-Sync monitor configuration and DSR dynamic super-resolution.

GeForce 344.11 WHQL Driver Released: Support GTX 980/970, integrated DSR Options

Nvidia DSR Option

GeForce 344.11 WHQL driver supports GeForce GTX 400 graphics card and after. The 344.11 driver also adds support to new games like the “Alien: isolation”, “F1 2014”, “no man’s land: the prequel” and other new game, if we talk about the performance improvements in games you will not see any difference but supports several new features worth see:

The GeForce 344.11 WHQL driver is the first to support multi-screen configurations G-Sync monitors, including the G-Sync or non-G-Sync monitor clone mode and surround multi-screen configuration. The second point is the integrated DSR dynamic super-resolution options are the NVIDIA development of new technology. According to NVIDIA Argument it can achieve a 4K quality picture on your 1080p display. The game can be rendered in 4K or 8K resolution and miniatures to 1080p resolution output.

Nvidia DSR Option

DSR driver in the 3D settings panel, there are more than 1.2x to 4.0x level selection.

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