Many folks might not be interested at first when this product announced for Xbox One, but because Microsoft gave a surprise, during the last E3, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition will also come to the PC platform.

On this occasion, The developer presents a diary of development where we have on the process of rebuilding the legendary game Cinematics, using modern graphics technology they plan to use for this reissue and comparing the results with the original version of Xbox 360.


The full cinematic scene was presented at the Comic-Con in San Diego that is ongoing this week, and can be seen below. They really have managed to greatly improve the aesthetics of what was already an ambitious title.


Gear of War Ultimate Edition seems to have been fully realized for this new generation of hardware, and even running with the new version of Unreal Engine 3, which is at enormous distances from what was the original version that supported the 2006 game.

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