Things seemed to have a bit silenced after the release of Gears of War Judgement in early 2013 both from the franchise and Black Tusk Games on the next title of the truly amazing third-person shooter video game which is being developed for Xbox One (an assumption). Very little information has been released about the next title of Gears of War series.

Mr. Lester Speight who is popular as Private Augustus “Cole Train” Cole for voice acting in Gears of War series. Lately, he responded to a fan tweet signaling toward the return of Cole in the next title. Mr. Speight also confirmed that he has received a call offering him the repeating of his role as Private Augustus Cole.

The next Gears of War title is currently underdevelopment by Black Tusk Games which will be released for Xbox One hopefully. Stick with us for captivating news and information about the game!

The tweet from Lester Speigth about Gears of War:

Gears of War


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